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19 October 2015 @ 10:12 am
Dear Yuletide Author  
Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello! Thanks so much for writing for me. This is my first Yuletide, and I'm soooo excited about the whole process. I can't wait to see what you come up with, and I hope that my ideas spark something fun for you to play with!

In general, I love found families. I am a sucker for secret relationships, and I like slice of life stories. I really love seeing how characters interact with each other in small moments that tell us something about who they are. I also love banter and shenanigans. I do quite enjoy explicit fics if you're feeling the need to write some porn! On the flip side, I also like gen stories that focus on important platonic relationships. I love healthy polyamory in fics. Kink wise, I'm into dom/sub undertones, light bondage, rough sex, biting, and spanking.

I don’t read dub-con, non-con or a/b/o, and I really don’t like infidelity (especially in my RPF). I don’t like when one person in an OT3 or OTmore is an afterthought (especially when it’s a lady!); I am invested in all parties being equally valued. I hate when women are pushed aside to focus on the dudes. Kink wise, I'm not into bloodplay, watersports/scat, serious daddy kink (light, joking refereces are ok), or pet play.

You can find more about me on my Tumblr! My AO3 bookmarks might also give you some inspiration.

Specific notes on fandoms:

Captain America RPF

Characters: Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell

If you write me Chris/Hayley fic, I will love you forever, guaranteed. I have to admit I’m a bit tinhatty where Chris and Hayley are concerned, so I love any fic where they’ve secretly had some sort of relationship at any point since Cap 1. I love text message conversations over time, and I'm really interested in the development of their relationship. Was it a slow burn thing that happened over years and was finally consummated in Atlanta in the summer of 2015? Was it a quick hookup on set in 2010 and then random hookups since? Are they casual friends with benefits? Are they in love?

(I'm not opposed to you involved Sebastian Stan if you'd like! On-set shenanigans during Cap 1 would be super fun, but I do have to ask that if you go present-day, you include Margarita Levieva as I'm not into infidelity or ignoring RL partners in my RPF.)

I love banter and feelings, and if you’re feeling porny, I’m totally here for fun/funny/relaxed sex and also heated rough sex. I’m totally open to light kink here, most especially dom/sub undertones. If Hayley manages to make Chris blush and feel embarrassed and hella turned on, that would be gr9. The more cunnilingus, the better! If you head for the more relaxed route, I really really love it when sex is fun and funny and the partners joke and have fun throughout. But if you're not feeling explicit, that's also excellent! I really think they're well suited for each other, and any missing moment interactions or building feelings you write will be received with confetti and happiness.

The Martian – Andy Weir

Characters: Mark Watney, Melissa Lewis, Chris Beck, Beth Johanssen

The thing I’m most interested in is the immediate aftermath of rescuing Watney, picking up where the book left off. I want to see the crew of the Hermes in the following days/weeks and on the rest of the journey home.

How does Watney handle being around people again? How do he and Beck deal with the aftermath of that ridiculous rescue? How does this affect Lewis in her command? How are things developing between Beck and Johanssen?

Any and all interactions between/among the crew would be awesome! I ship Beck/Johanssen but am not interested in romantic Watney/Beck. I’d also love to hear about Martinez and Vogel and other interactions with the ground crew if you’re so inspired! I listed the four because they’re my faves, but again, I’m really into found families, and I think the crew absolutely qualifies! I’d prefer not to have explicit stuff for this prompt; physical affection between crew members is a major plus, though, especially betwen Beck and Johanssen and towards poor touch-starved Watney.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Characters: Gaby Teller, Illya Kuryakin, Napoleon Solo

OT3 shenanigans, please! I love this team, and I love to envision how they all end up in each other’s beds. Explicit fic is very welcome, as is light kink, and I’d definitely prefer a Gaby-centric story. Aside from those things, go wild! The sky’s the limit! They're just such a fun trio, and I love to see them interact (and possibly ~interact, if you know what I mean ::gaudy wink::)!

The Beatles

Characters: John Lennon, Paul McCartney

The earliest days of John and Paul's friendship and working relationship fascinate me. I'd love to see an exploration of how they felt toward each other at the very beginning as brash teenagers and what drew them toward one another in like...1957/1958. I love the image of the two of them sitting in Aunt Mimi's house writing songs together as teenagers.

I'm not overtly shippy with these two, although I don't mind a certain undertone to their relationship. I see them as having a very deep and emotional connection that isn't necessarily romantic (althought it's not necessarily...not, either). More interested in the emotional than the physical here, although some slighty-more-intimate-than-normal physical interactions wouldn't be out of place.

Push (2009)

Characters: Nick Gant, Cassie Holmes

I like to pretend that I have some strict boundaries about the underage issue inherent to this ship but...it's more of a fuzzy guideline if I'm honest. I do need anything overtly shippy or explicit to be post-canon by a few years, but exactly how far is up to you!

The ~forbidden aspect of this relationship is delicious, and the conflict for Nick makes it all the sweeter, even though we all know he's head over heels for this girl and is always going to fail at denying himself. I love a very self-posssessed Cassie who is well aware of the situation but also sure of her choices where Nick is concerned, even when she's not sure about a lot of things in her life. (If you want to go to Extra Special Hell, listen to the commentary on the movie and paste Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning's unnatural joking chemistry onto Nick and Cassie.)

Explicit fic is welcome; I tend to think of the word "sultry" for these two. Something about summer nights in small hotel rooms with no air conditioning just seems natural to them.

Beyond those things, go wild! Explore their bond, have them cuddle and kiss, have them practicing their Moving and Watching, have them embroiled in adventures, have them having forbidden-fruit-is-the-sweetest sex. Whatever your brain dreams up!