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05 October 2016 @ 03:25 pm
Dear Yuletide Author  
Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you soooo much for writing for me! This is my second year doing Yuletide, and I had a ton of fun with it last year. I can't wait to see what you have in store for me! (The tl;dr version of this entire letter turns out to basically be "FEELINGS AND CUDDLING PLZ." Ha.)

General Preferences || Porn/Kink Preferences

[thumbs up emoji]: found families/families of choice, epistolary fic, slice of life fic, fluff, healthy polyamory, physical affection (cuddling, kissing, hand holding, etc for both romantic and platonic relationships), secret relationships, fake/pretend relationships (and related tropes), FEELINGS, banter || dirty talk, biting, spanking, light bondage, rough sex, cunnilingus

[thumbs down emoji]: dubcon, non-con, A/B/O, infidelity, darkfic, angst, crack || lifestyle BDSM, BDSM AUs, watersports, scat, bloodplay, pet play, daddy play

If you're feeling porny, I am happy to read porn, although I'd prefer some feelings and character development to go along with it. If you'd rather stay PG, I'm also happy with that. I like all ratings, and I love good gen fic when I get a glimpse into the characters and their emotions/interactions.

You can find out more about me and my interests on Tumblr!

Specific Comments by Fandom

The Conjuring (Movies)

Characters: Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren

I spent most of both of these movies clawing at my face and yelling "THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH." I still do it when I rewatch them (which is often). I am super super super interested in the couple pre-canon. I'd love to figure out how they met, the moment they shared their stories/believed each other, maybe a first case or two. Anything you can give me that deals with their deep and abiding love for each other is going to be make me super happy. Maybe moments post-case where they spend time wrapped up in success and the fact that they're safe and that they've got each other? Or when they found out they were expecting? Love and feelings please!

It doesn't need to follow anything from the real Warrens' lives, although if you want to use that to help narrow down time-frames and things, that's fine! I would prefer not to have explicit fic for this fandom, but some smolder and fade-to-black wouldn't go awry.

Push (2009)

Characters: Nick Gant, Cassie Holmes

I like to pretend that I have some strict boundaries about the underage issue inherent to this ship but...it's more of a fuzzy guideline if I'm honest. I need anything overtly shippy or explicit to be post-canon by a few years so that Cassie can actually consent!

The ~forbidden aspect of this relationship is delicious, and the conflict for Nick makes it all the sweeter, even though we all know he's head over heels for this girl and is always going to fail at denying himself. I love a very self-posssessed Cassie who is well aware of the situation but also sure of her choices where Nick is concerned, even when she's not sure about a lot of things in her life. (If you want to go to Extra Special Hell, listen to the commentary on the movie and paste Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning's unnatural joking chemistry onto Nick and Cassie.)

Explicit fic is welcome; I tend to think of the word "sultry" for these two. Something about summer nights in small hotel rooms with no air conditioning just seems natural to them. I'm less interested in casefic or something that's too much about the mythology of the world – I prefer emotions in this fandom. (It might also be a good epistolary story, lots of texting and hidden messages!)

Beyond those things, go wild! Explore their friendship/relationship, have them cuddle and kiss (!), have them practicing their Moving and Watching, have them pining and missing each other, have them having forbidden-fruit-is-the-sweetest sex. Have them deal with the change in their relationship as they go from not physically involved to very physically involved. (They were always very emotionally involved, but it's going to grow and change, as well! Explore that!) Whatever your brain dreams up!

The Beatles

Characters: John Lennon, Paul McCartney

The earliest days of John and Paul's friendship and working relationship fascinate me. I'd love to see an exploration of how they felt toward each other at the very beginning as brash teenagers and what drew them toward one another in like...1957/1958. I love the image of the two of them sitting in Aunt Mimi's house writing songs together as teenagers.

I'm not overtly shippy with these two, although I don't mind a certain undertone to their relationship. I see them as having a very deep and emotional connection that isn't necessarily romantic (althought it's not necessarily...not, either). I'm more interested in the emotional than the physical, although some slighty-more-intimate-than-normal physical interactions wouldn't be out of place (spending the night in the same bed, constantly being pressed up against each other while songwriting, handholding that they never discuss, etc).

The Office (US) RPF

Characters: B.J. Novak, Mindy Kaling

These two really hit my "secret relationship" button. I love the idea that they're secretly together or have been at times over the past decade or so since their first relationship. This relationship particularly is well suited for epistolary fic (near constant text messaging!!!) and banter.

I'd love to read any late night phone calls or text sessions between them. Times when they're not sleeping together but she gets home from work to find him sitting on her couch in his boxers with takeout just because that's how their friendship works. What their first discussion post-Stern was like. Cuddling, spending the night together, constantly blurring the lines between friends and lovers. I'd be interested in reading sexytime, but less in a super porny way and more in a feelings way.

I'd love to read slices of life that really explore their feelings, and I'm definitely a sucker for happy endings!